Player Fees

Fees and Dates

The participation fees for all Freshman/JV/Varsity players are a function of your registration date.
Players who register and pay:

  • On or before May 7, 2018 : $650
  • After May 8, 2018 but before July 2, 2018: $700
  • On or after July 3, 2018: $750
What Fees Cover
Player Support Fees provide for the following:

  • Practice and Game Uniforms
  • Player Packs (2 practice uniforms, t-shirt & hoodie per player—these are the players to keep)
  • Equipment (helmets & pads, players purchase their own shoes)
  • Players Pre-game Meals
  • End of Season Banquet – Player admission
  • Operation Expenses
  • Training Expenses
  • Game Day Officials
  • Coaches Salary Supplements
  • Weight Room Equipment
  • Field Maintenance
  • Film Production
  • Travel Expenses

No registrations after August 10, 2018. No equipment issued without Participation Fee payment.

Payment may be made using credit card or by check during registration on April 21 or April 28, 2018. Checks should be made payable to AHS RAIDER FOOTBALL.

We have provided families with the opportunity to work at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater with the AHS Ovations program to receive credits at season end (January) towards your fee obligation. All required fees are due up front and a refund will be provided if credits achieved create an overage for your account with AHS Football. You can sign up to volunteer here.