Paul Coxwell

Paul Coxwell moved to Roswell/Alpharetta area when he was 4 years old in 1985 and has been an integral part of the community ever since.  Paul and his identical twin brother John, attended Centennial High School where they both were very involved in all sports.  They both graduated from Centennial in 1999.

Upon graduating from CHS, both Paul and John attended Warm Springs. After graduation from Warm Springs, John and Paul continued to work and live in the Roswell/Alpharetta area.   They continued their sporting allegiance at Centennial High School where both acquired employment, as managers, in Food Services.

Paul made his big career move to Alpharetta High School Food Services in 2005 and has been an avid supporter of all sports at Alpharetta High School ever since.  Paul attends all AHS sporting events. He is well known for leading the cheers for Alpharetta High School, especially when the foe is Centennial, where his brother John is leading Centennial cheering section!