Alpharetta Football – At the Next Level

The following student athletes have graced the Gridiron at Alpharetta High School and have continued their playing career at the collegiate level. Raider families are proud of their accomplishments on and off the field and all Raider fans wish them well as they continue the proud tradition of Alpharetta Football!

Class of 2016

Darryl Bivens   University of Mount Union
Omari Campbell   Tuskegee University
Nick Carlton   James Madison University
K’hari Cobbs   Virginia University of Lynchburg
Harry Cokley   Brevard College
Davis Kelly   University of Georgia
Michael Lee   Shorter University
Asante Long   Plymouth State University
Johnny McDonald   LaGrange College
Tommy Sprague   University of Tennessee

Class of 2015

Jake Behrend   Brown University
Andrew Butcher   University of Tennessee
Nesean Crofford   Cornell University
Austin Hoffman   Lenoir-Rhyne University
Devon Johnson   East Tennessee State University
Austin King   Indiana University
Ryan Kopec   Brown University
James Marbaugh   Butler University
Miles Smith   Dartmouth College
Rustin Suter   Valdosta State University
Nicklas Torrance   Centre College
Malua Young   Colorado School of Mines

Class of 2014

Auzoyah Allufohai   Kennesaw State University
Daniel Clements   James Madison University
Nick Coleman   Morehouse College
Bryce Grauss   Adams State University
Andre Harton   College of the Holy Cross
Chase Stratton   College of the Holy Cross
Deandre Watkins   Georgia Southern University

Class of 2013

George Adeosun   University of Virginia
Alex Behrend   Davidson College
Carlos Burse   Vanderbilt University
Josh Dobbs   University of Tennessee
Michael Downing   Texas Christian University
D’Von Isaac   Western Kentucky University
Rodney Morris   University of Alabama Birmingham
Naim Mustafaa   Oklahoma State University
Blake Rowlinson   Yale University
Tre Whitaker   Faulkner University
DeAndre Wise   Alabama State University